The Origins of DIVA MODE

The Term DIVA originated in 19th century italy and it meant GODDESS. It did NOT mean a high maintenance, drama-filled woman with expensive tastes... That definition of a DIVA was probably made up by men as a derogatory term for women who weren’t submissive...

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3 Fitness Myths That Women Need to Stop Believing

Amid all of the fraudulent claims surrounding skinny teas, waist trainers, and extreme diet plans, there exists a large number of myths surrounding women’s fitness. The following are some of the most common myths debunked: 1.) Heavy Weights Makes You Bulky Perhaps the...

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How to Choose the Right Protein Source for Your Needs

Protein powders are all the craze right now, and let’s face it they make getting our protein requirements for the day easy! Athletes and gym goers tend to refuel with protein powder after a workout, but are you getting the right protein source for your...

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Seven Reasons You Need To Have Coconut Oil in Your Pantry

Coconut oil was once labeled as “bad” because of its saturated fat content. Now, it’s like a scorned celebrity who is making a positive resurgence to the spotlight. Nutritionists and health fanatics alike are giving coconut oil a second chance and here are...

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4 Quick Tips to Keep that Body Fat MELTING Off

Women’s bodies are incredible. They are war machines designed for extreme endurance! They are also designed and wired very differently to men’s which means genetically, they cling onto fat a lot more effectively. This is out of your control ladies as it’s...

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