Our philosophy when it comes to supplements is very simple…

We saw that big supplement companies were not providing high quality supplements for women. They just made products for men and expected women to use the same products and not complain.

The problem with that philosophy however, is that women’s bodies are different from men. Women are more sensitive and have different long-term health concerns than men.

Women want to get faster results from their training just like men do. However, most women are not willing to jeopardize their femininity to do so.

  • Women do not want products that make them look or sound like a man.
  • Women do not want products that create long-term hormonal imbalances.
  • Women do not want products that give them acne.
  • Women do not want products that give them facial hair.
  • Women DO want products that help them look and feel more empowered, feminine, attractive and sexy!

Based on these observations, we created a superior line of nutritional supplements formulated specifically for the needs of today’s empowered woman!


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